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Aery Jo Tanning Makeup color No. 3 Garmet Stone is a deep brown body foundation with golden pearl..
Commonly use if dance floor is extremely slippery. 80ml spray. ..
Provides cushioning and relieve tireness for ball of foot. ..
Wearing the gel pad on the bunion area to provide cushion and minimize abrasion. Made of brea..
Dance Spa non slip body glue provides superb holding power for costumes and accessories. A un..
Toe Cap with inner gel lining to minimise abrasion between toes. ..
The gel spot prevents toe from overlapping on the toe. ..
Cut the long piece to your desired length and wear it on affected toes to prevent abrasion. ..
Jewel Bond is a glue for gems, rhinestones, sequins, glitter and other decoratives embellishments..